Kristine Ziwica

Kristine Ziwica is a Melbourne-based columnist and consultant who has 20 years' experience working in Australia, the United States and the UK on human rights and gender equality campaigns.

Perhaps we should rebrand Senator Jane Hume to Minister for Women’s Economic InSecurity

Today, I am rather vexed (again) about Senator Jane Hume. Just over a year ago she was sworn in as Australia’s very first, dedicated Minister for Women’s Economic Security. After the devastating impacts of the pandemic on women’s economic security, in particular on their ability to work and save, many warned that it could set women back a generation. The Morrison government’s decision to dedicate a new ministerial portfolio to the issue of women’s economic security seemed like progress.

The empty plan to end violence against women

Over the past year, there’s been pressure on the Morrison government to step up and take significant action on women’s safety, as rates of sexual violence have increased. And in the wake of Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame’s campaigning - the federal government has released a draft plan that seeks to end violence against women and children. However, survivors and experts are disappointed with the draft and the lack of transparency that went into its formulation.

'Joshonomics': How gullible does the Treasurer think women are?

Last week, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was out spinning the spin, trying to sort out the Morrison Government’s so-called “woman problem”. Unfortunately for the Treasurer, his bizarre, too-clever-by-half economic pitch to women voters that the Coalition’s economic policy is “delivering for women” – let’s call it “Joshonomics” — is easily debunked. So this begs the question: how gullible does the Treasurer think women are? First, there was the now thoroughly discredited press release put out on M

Kate Jenkins' report: Can Scott Morrison meet the moment?

This is the first line of Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins’ independent inquiry into Parliamentary workplaces, Set the Standard, which was released yesterday: “This is Parliament. It should set the standard for workplace culture, not the floor of what culture should be.” If you sense this rather curt opener is meant to send a strong message to the Morrison government, you’re probably right.

Ladies (of the Morrison Government) we need to talk: Why put up with it?

When will you rethink your services in support of the patriarchy, and faith in benevolent sexism? It’s not even serving the goals that experts believe motivates you to subscribe to this belief system. Just look at Senator Jane Hume, who earlier this week learned that her Liberal colleagues referred to her as “indulgent”, “bizarre” — and the classic go-to slurs men opt for when they want to put a woman down — “mad” and “unhinged”.

The Morrison Govt reveals the promises it made to women are smoke and mirrors

One of my children went back to school today, and they are both back full-time next week. I think I can safely say that I fell of the back of the lockdown 6.0 wagon here in Melbourne about six weeks ago, and it’s amazing how much more time and energy I have now with just one child back at school part-time. I, therefore, had the time to watch the Office for Women and the Minister for Women, Senator Marise Payne, at Senate Estimates yesterday. And it was very revealing. For those wondering what
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